Abstract paintings

Abstract art is a direction within modern art in which objects from the natural world are not always displayed. With abstract paintings you will usually not recognize the painted objects on the canvas. The human brain, however, works in such a way that it provides a possible interpretation for what they cannot "place". That leaves room for personal interpretation. Abstract artists make use of this fantastic fact. Underlying principles can be made visible with shapes and colors, rhythms and contrasts.The edges of the paintings are always painted so that you can hang them directly on the wall without a frame. All paintings are available in all sizes or colors. If you wish, we will make a free design for you with the painting of your choice. You can then see well in advance how the painting looks in your own interior. If the painting does not meet your requirements, you can return it within 14 days. You will then receive your money back. Deliveries are possible throughout Europe. Our paintings are delivered free of charge in the Netherlands and Belgium.