Frequently Asked Questions:  

  • How can I be sure that I will like the painting or that it looks good?

You have always the option to request customized advice before you place an order. In this cas you can sent us a photo of the interior where the painting will hang and we make a design with the painting of your choice in your interior. If after receipt, you are not completely satisfied, you have the 14-day guarantee on sight.

  • How long does it take to make a painting?

Every painting is painted by hand. This needs some time. It also needs a drying time before a protective layer of varnish can be applied. For paintings that do not include a delivery time, you must take into account a delivery time of 20 working days. If there is a delay, we will inform you immediately.  

  • What can I do if my painting appears to be damaged upon receipt?

Every painting is packed very well before it is sent. It is also sent insured. If upon receipt it appears that the painting is damaged, we will provide a solution. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. After receipt you must check the painting for possible damage and inform us within 2 days by means of photos of the damage.  
  • Can I view the paintings in advance or pick them up after ordering?
We are an online web store and do not have a showroom.  

  • What does the TrustedShops webshop quality mark entail?  

Only stores that comply with Dutch and European rules and legislation may use the quality mark on their site. In the event of disputes, you can always go to a complaints committee. Of course we always try to solve a possible problem for you first. For more information about the TrustedShops quality mark you can visit their site: www.trustedshops.com  

  • Is IsisArt taking into account the privacy of its customers?

The privacy of its customers is very important to IsisArt. That is why we always handle your information with great care. Read more about our privacy rules  

Do you also have one of the following questions:  

  • A painting from the collection, but can it be made in other colors or dimensions?
  • Failure to paint a familiar painting, incorporate it with yourself or someone else?
  • Can 2 photos (or more) be combined into one beautiful painting?
  • Is a background change possible?
  • Can a 2-3-4-5 part be made of one photo or painting?
  • Process your own idea into a unique work of art?

     The answer to all these questions is YES!  

My question is not listed here:

You can ask all your questions via the contact form. We will answer your questions within 24 hours.